Welcome back

It has been a long two years.... A lot has changed. I left Knoxville, moved home, to Atlanta, and have gotten married.  We bought a house together and even adopted another puppy. Ever since we decided to leave Knoxville it has been a good and busy few years getting our lives reestablished in Atlanta

I have not been posting enough, I know that. I have not been writing enough, I know that. I also know that I feel like I am back. That D.C. Reed is ready to go. There will be more posts this week and I can tell you that there will be weekly posts from here on out. To never miss a thing please follow me on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. 

I have new content waiting to be posted. Books ready to be published and more stories waiting to be told. My new site (for all things music) alecdegnats.com is up and running. Simply put I am excited to be back. 

To everyone who have waited for me, thank you. To all of my new readers, welcome. And remember if you enjoy what you see please follow me and share it one other person you think would enjoy it. 

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D.C. Reed