About D.C.

Hello my name is Degnats Crawford Reed or as I am more commonly know D.C. Reed. There are a few of us out there, I know that, but I my name to pays homage to the family and friends I hope to make proud. I call myself D.C. Reed to respect the family that is still with me and those that I never met. 

I write from my heart and mind. I was trained in Philosophy and endeavor to bring that love of knowledge back to the people from academia. I write for your enjoyment and so you can hopefully lose yourself for a few minutes or a few hours.

Whether it is Protect the Yard, a story, a sports article, or a novel I would ask and encourage you to explore my work. If you like it please share it with at least one other person you think would enjoy it. 

If you like my blog I encourage you to please check out one of my full length novels. 

When looking for me just look for: D.C. Reed publishing. If you see that then you know it is me, Degnats Crawford Reed, or as I am better know: D.C. Reed.

Feel free to check out my musical side @ alecdegnats.com